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Drone Photography and Video

Drone Services Downingtown, PA. Our Drone Services include skilled, licensed pilots and all our videography and photography skills in the sky!
Drone Photography and Video

Our Drone Photography and Video Services

Licensed, FAA Certified Drone Pilots providing services in Downingtown, PA
Why choose us: Drone Photography and Video Services

Our Downingtown Drone Services feature skilled pilots who are appropriately licensed for commercial drone operation.

Everyone is buying drones these days. While it’s common to phone-a-friend who just bought a shiny new drone, you may be putting them and yourself at risk if they are engaged in commercial operations without the appropriate training and licenses. That’s where we come in.

We are a Part 107 Compliant Drone Services studio in Downingtown, PA
FAA-Certified Drone Operators

Yes, we realize we’re stressing this quite a lot.  Just because somebody owns a drone doesn’t mean they can fly it in the way they’ve imagined.  Understanding the rules of the sky comes in the form of training and certifications.  We’re certified to fly and can advise you on what can and cannot be done legally.

We provide Drone Services including roof inspection in Downingtown, PA!
Multi-Purpose Drone Services

Whether you’d like to capture cinematic video or inspect your roof, we have the skills necessary to not only capture 4K footage, but to edit the footage for your target audience.  Real estate, certain types of events, roof inspections…there are so many ways to use a drone to capture footage that would be otherwise impossible.

Drone Services in Downingtown, PA
We go beyond just capturing drone footage!

Maybe you need a highlight reel of your business featuring music, voiceover, drone video and photography.  Websavvy is uniquely suited to create and end-to-end experience for your customers.  We’re truly your one-stop shop for media creation.

Drone Photography and Video FAST FACT

Owning a Drone is different than being properly licensed to fly it.

Having a drone has become commonplace in today’s technology landscape.  But did you know that most people who have drones are largely flying them outside the FAA’s regulations?  Our Drone services feature licensed sUAS pilots with Part 107 certifications and licenses. Many amateur pilots are flying in controlled airspace and simply don’t realize it.  You may even live in controlled airspace! It matters!

This is an aeronautical chart that describes the rules of the air. Websavvy Drone Services in Downingtown, PA can interpret this!
Typical aeronautical chart describing flight rules in the area.

Drone Services Downingtown, PA

Our studio in Downingtown, PA offers Drone Photography and Video Services.  As a potential client, it’s important for you to understand that there are certain things drone pilots can do legally.  For better or worse, there are even more things the drone pilot cannot do by law.  While it may seem like a little bit of a buzz kill, it’s important you’re partnering with a Drone Services Provider who understands the rules, and can be advisory on what can be done while adhering to FAA guidelines.  In fact, our principal and founder just got his FAA Part 107 license, and was amazed at just how much regulation is in place surrounding drone operation.  Without the many hours of training, cost, and taking the certification exams, there would be no way a laymen would have that level of understanding by simply buying a drone.

While we provide drone services out of Downingtown, PA, we can travel with the drone to most of the surrounding area.  What’s important, however, is that we assess the legality of flying in your desired area, what type of footage you’d like to get, and to understand your goals. As an example, it is largely illegal to fly above people or moving vehicles.  There are nuances to the rule, but the type of drone you’re flying and a variety of other factors determine what can and cannot be done.  We will work with you as a client to figure out the best approach to achieve your vision, but also provide the knowledge so you can know you’re operating within established guidelines.

Drone operation is exploding all over the country, but the number of operators who are going through proper certifications is exponentially less than the number of drone owners.  While a drone owner can get a “recreational” license in 30 minutes online, there is a significant difference between what they can do vs. a licensed commercial drone pilot.  In fact, recreational flyers aren’t even allowed to do commercial or client work under the law.  That is why you might consider our Downingtown Drone Services as the safest way to protect your business and work with licensed pilots!


Downingtown Drone Services with FAA Certified Pilot

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