Name: Stephen DeNittis

Title: Legal Expert

Hails from: Cherry Hill, NJ

Hobbies: The Beach, Golf, Philadelphia Eagles
Areas of Focus: Strategy, Copy Writing, Client Engagement

About Stephen DeNittis

Legal Expert Bio

Stephen DeNittis has recently joined Websavvy as a legal marketing web consultant to assist Websavvy’s website development team specialize in social media for law firms and lawyers. Steve is the founding partner of DeNittis Osefchen, and Prince P.C., a leading national class action and personal injury law firm with offices located in Philadelphia and New Jersey. Steve has mastered the skill of law firm business development in building his own successful law practice. He has lectured to and consulted lawyers about identifying who they are through focusing the message they wish to convey to their client base and the public at large. Steve consults with Websavvy to provide lawyers guidance as to how to build a successful law business. One key facet of Steve’s business development expertise is website development and how to use the website as a true business development tool. Steve has developed a keen ability to help law firms target their market and focus their message about their practice areas through social media. He provides guidance to Websavvy’s law firm development group in helping law firms grow and thrive through social media strategies.

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