Name: Mark Gambol

Title: Lead Producer

Hails from: Delco

Hobbies: Photography, Shark Cage Diving, World Traveler
Areas of Focus: Photography, Video and Audio

About Mark Gambol

Lead Producer Bio

Since 1994, Mark has been successfully producing images and photos for Emmy nominated television shows, inspiring documentaries, reality television, professional sporting events, national news, and non-profit organizations. His creative vision, sensitivity to client needs and an understanding of production technology and techniques offers clients a level of expertise that is unique to the industry.

When Mark begins a project with a new client, he does a lot of listening. He is interested in learning about who you are as a person. He asks a lot of questions. So tell him your story.

Proper preparation and planning is key to a successful project. No adventure is too big or too small to film. And the same goes for YOUR story. And there is no better way to tell your story than through the recorded image: moving or still.

Mark is an explorer and he wants to travel to every town, city, village, mountain, ocean, jungle, or dessert that he can. His adventures and hobbies – both in and out of the production world – have taken him all over the world and enabled him to carry this love of adventure into his career. From rock and ice climbing to spelunking and Skydiving; whitewater kayaking and rafting; and now as a PADI Dive Master. Mark loves adventure! So from land, air or sea, Mark wants to tell your story. It’s what he does. His passion will show in your story.

Mark earned his B.A. in Broadcast / Cable and minored in Art / Photography from Penn State University.

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