Name: Gino Guarnere

Title: Founder

Hails from: Delco

Hobbies: Fitness, Music, Family, Photography, Big Data
Areas of Focus: Strategy, Requirements, Development, Copy Writing, Photography, Video and Audio, SEO, Client Engagement, Sales

About Gino Guarnere

Founder Bio

Gino was designing websites before the internet became the mainstream digital medium it’s become. Way back in 1994, Gino started developing websites as a grad student that were designed to introduce interactive experiences, which was a new concept on the web at that time. Since then, he has, as either an employee, consultant or freelancer, designed websites for The Walt Disney Company, SEI Investments, GMAC Mortgage, Comcast Corporation and other fortune 50 companies. He has consulted on hundreds of web projects over the years. Gino’s unique skill set runs the gamut from requirements gathering, development, design, seo and content management. He is also an award-winning photographer and film maker, and has had his work published in numerous books, magazines and other periodicals and publications.

He has done client photography from Philadelphia to the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico, Colorado, Las Vegas, and just about everywhere in between. He is also a trained pianist, with degrees in music from West Chester University, The Certificate of Musical Studies from The University of Salzburg in Austria, did graduate studies at Temple University, and finished his piano studies with Eleanor Sokoloff of The Curtis Institute of Music. He is a recording artist and frequently tracks music in his home studio.

His video work has garnered him The Telly Award and other accolades, and he has been producing audio content since the advent of linear DAW editing software in the 90s. He’s involved in every aspect of our client engagements.

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