Name: Chris Deantonio

Title: Partner

Hails from: Philadelphia, PA

Hobbies: Travel, Landscape, and Time Lapse Photography, Aerial (Drone) Photography, Saxophonist, Hiking and Camping, Exploring the West
Areas of Focus: Strategy, Requirements, Development, Copy Writing, Photography, Video and Audio, SEO, Client Engagement, Sales

About Chris Deantonio

Partner Bio

With over 15 years experience as a business and technology consultant for Fortune 500 companies, Chris brings a unique blend of business, technical, and creative skills to serve our clients. A key aspect of Chris’ client engagement on any project is listening and asking key questions to uncover “the why,” so that we develop a deep understanding of your business’ mission and goals before jumping to solutions.

Once those solutions are chosen, Chris relies on his extensive project delivery experience to ensure we create and deliver the right services to you in an iterative and collaborative way.

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