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LaVan Law is a law firm in Moorestown, NJ. They specialize in labor and environmental law, and the thing that struck us the most about them was how they do everything as a team. They review cases as a team, they have daily meetings as a team, and they make decisions as a team to best serve their clients. Not only do they have an outstanding legal team led by Julie LaVan, but they work together, and that brings value to their clients. Their approach just works.

We gave them a complete design overhaul, rewrote all of their content, did a new set of headshot photos, and gave them the SEO tools they need to continue to grow their traffic. They have achieved a significant spike in their site visits since their relaunch. We are also seeding their social networks with blog posts and page level content to grow their presence in social media.

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About Julie LaVan Law

LaVan law is an award winning full service boutique business law firm providing businesses
and corporations counsel across a wide range of challenges ranging from business formation and
transactional services to complex commercial litigation. LaVan law focuses on representing businesses and corporations across a wide range of industries, including financial, construction, environmental, banking and healthcare. The firm’s Labor and Employment Group has considerable experience analyzing State and
Federal wage and hour issues involving overtime pay, minimum wage, mandatory meal breaks
and impermissible deductions from pay.

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