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Well respected Camden County New Jersey personal injury law firm Hockfield Kasher has retained Websavvy’s Social Media Law Practice Division to design its website, write its web marketing content, and perform a private photo shoot. Websavvy’s professional photographers help Hockfield Kasher create its marketing image through an innovative web design as well as unique photos which Hockfield not only utilizes for its website but for all its marketing and media events.

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For over 40 years Hockfield Kasher has been successfully resolving personal injury cases for their clients. They were interested in creating a cutting edge professional image to fit the success they have had over the years. What attracted Hockfield Kasher to retain Websavvy was not only Websavvy’s fresh industry leading web design capability but more importantly Websavy’s specialization with law firms and Websavvy’s unique understanding of law firm’s and lawyers’ marketing needs.

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