Our Process

How we approach each project is based on our client needs, but our actual process is the same. We focus on making sure we understand your goals before we do anything. We validate our approach with you to make sure we’re on the same page before we start the work. It’s all about the partnership.

Why it Works.

We don’t like surprising our clients. We spend the time necessary to make sure we’re aligned with our clients to ensure what we deliver is in line with client expectations. As a result of this understanding, we tend to over deliver. This is what our clients have come to expect from us, and likely why you’re vising our website today.

Our Process

Initial Engagement

What we do in this Phase: Assess Client Needs, Determine Scope of Work

Why it Matters: We’d like to figure out what you need to succeed based on your business goals and objectives.

When we first start talking to a new client, we’d like to understand what it is you’re looking for us to do for you. We can make recommendations on the best approach to start your Digital Journey and get you off on the right foot.


What we do in this Phase: Devise a strategy for our clients based on market research in your vertical

Why it Matters: You want to compete in the marketplace. It’s our job to understand how you stack up against your competition.

If you’re trying to compete in the marketplace, it’s important for us to understand who your competitors are. This helps us best decide a strategy that will allow you to successfully compete.


What we do in this Phase: We start building your content based on our research and your requirements.

Why it Matters: We take a lot of time up front to make sure we’re creating your digital future in alignment with your expectations. We’d rather measure twice and cut once.

In this phase, we start actually building out your website, content, social media strategy, or whatever it is that is part of our engagement with you. We keep you looped in along the way so we can get feedback while we’re doing the work.


What we do in this Phase: In this phase, we test what we're building to ensure it meets our clients specifications, as well as our own.

Why it Matters: Testing is standard procedure for us before we turn over an asset to our clients. We want to make sure is everything lines up with your expectations and that everything works as intended.

Testing is about making sure your content works on tablets, laptops, and mobile devices. We test everything, from content to design, to make sure everything is exactly as we intend.

User Acceptance Testing

What we do in this Phase: We want our customers to be fully on board with what we've built. You're the client, and we don't deploy until we have your signoff.

Why it Matters: We partner with our clients. We believe User Acceptance Testing is an important part of the development life cycle and want our customers to be involved every step of the way.

Once we’ve tested everything, we turn it over to our client to make sure they get a chance to look at our work before we move it to our production environment. We want you to see exactly what’s going live before we push any content to the public domain.


What we do in this Phase: We ready your content to go into the public domain, aka the World Wide Web.

Why it Matters: This is the big reveal! We’re ready to show your new content to the world! Pop the Champagne!

Once we have UAT signoff, we will ready your content for deployment to whatever channel we’ve agreed upon. This could be a social media channel, your website, or any number of other options.


What we do in this Phase: We make your content more performant and optimize content, page titles and meta data for the best search results.

Why it Matters: Building content that no one can find is likely not what you were hoping for…we’re here to help make sure your content is front-and-center!

Once you’re live, we start to optimize your content. This includes SEO and performance enhancements to make sure your content loads quickly and can be found by search engines.


What we do in this Phase: Tweak everything. Make things better.

Why it Matters: Launching content and then doing nothing is an absolute recipe for disaster. We constantly are working to make sure you have the best chance of succeeding in your endeavors on the web.

We make tweaks to your web content, SEO, page titles, and other things to better your “findability” over time. We work with you to make sure we’re making the right optimizations and improve your results.

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