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Highly skilled web designers
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Mobile Friendly designs

Expert Website Development Services

We can build you a brand, spankin’ new website

Websavvy is staffed by a small-but-talented group of visual and graphic designers, developers, information architects, writers and other creatives. We can develop custom websites from the ground up, or refresh existing web properties when that is the more sensible route to take. In either case, we’re great listeners, and craft custom solutions based on the different needs of our clients. With our diverse staff, we can contribute as a team to your overall web strategy and create a custom solution designed to become your “digital future.”

More than just a pretty face.

Websavvy focuses on a total view of your business and who your customers are. We listen to your needs and objectives before we write a single line of code. Having a beautiful looking website is important, but if nobody can find it, it’s the same as not having a website at all. We concern ourselves with finding your digital voice and making it available to potential clients. We’re about form and function as we don’t believe one can exist successfully without the other.

Our Approach to your “Digital Future.”

Our core business focuses on staffing your project in the following broad areas: Creative, Content, User Experience and Social Strategy. We can ramp up your digital presence in any or all of these areas simultaneously, depending on client needs. Many times, we find ourselves doing everything from writing content and doing photography sessions to creating visual designs and setting up emails. We’re truly a turnkey solution for everything you need to succeed on the web.

Rock-solid WordPress Hosting and Installations

We utilize the WordPress CMS due to its flexibility and extensibility. We run custom scripts and enterprise-class add-ons featuring full data and file restoration and backups for all our clients. We monitor spam on your behalf and do regular maintenance and updates on all our client’s CMS installations. We keep our servers up to date with the latest patches to make sure your site is running cleanly. We also utilize CDN (Content Delivery Network) frameworks for our customers when they are running websites that receive a lot of traffic to increase performance and security. We can provide analytics that give you real information about your visitors that allow us to tweak and optimize your content over the long term.

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