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Having a Social presence is one of those things that you probably want, but it’s not always clear where to be social. Many companies therefore throw stuff all over the place as opposed to targeting a core audience using the right social tools. They write on digital walls. They tweet. They Instragram. What happens next is often a mystery that never really gets solved.

Tools you can Use.

At Websavvy, we have a social strategy approach that gives you visibility where your customers already are. We tie your Web Strategy directly to your Social Strategy, and provide relevant updates to your social media networks to keep you in front of current and prospective clients. If you don’t have a Twitter following, your “tweets” will be the equivalent of a tree falling in the forest. Certainly not what you want.

It’s a Marathon, not a Sprint!

Websavvy brings relevance to your digital brand by crafting a social strategy that can be measured over time. We can help you build a following on social media networks. We can place timely content there on a regular basis. We can tie your web content directly to social media networks to keep both your website and your social presence fresh and up-to-date. We can also talk you about how your social strategy is working and recommend changes along the way.

Social moves Fast. Keep up!

Social media moves at the speed of thought. We can help you craft a social strategy that keeps you top-of-mind with both current clients and prospective clients. We focus our growth strategy on the three largest social networks: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. We can help you, however, find your voice on any number of social networks. A key to our success in social is to concentrate growth in targeted areas rather than spread your social strategy very thinly across many networks. The internet moves fast. We can help you keep up.

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