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Now, let’s get you Found…

You’re close to your business. You know it better than anybody. But are you getting your business across to those who may be looking for your products and services? You’d be surprised. We’ll help you write content so your clients understand your business. When you write content, it has to achieve a few things:

We can give you a content “makeover.”

Your content needs to be easily understood by your potential clients. If your clients come to your website and can’t figure out if you can help them, or if they’ve even arrived at the right place, you need a content overhaul! We read our clients websites from front to back when doing our initial assessment. If we can’t figure out what you do, neither can your potential clients! By then, it’s already too late. They have found someone else to help them.

What are YOUR keywords?

Your content needs to have targeted keywords in it that will help drive the right traffic to your website. If your content reads like a whitepaper or college dissertation, the search engines are not putting your business in front of the right people.

Your content needs to adhere to writing best practices and syntax. Our writers have backgrounds in English literature, legal documentation, journalism, communications and search engine optimization. We marry great writers to great content and that gives you real search results that actually matter.

We do content “makeovers” for most of our clients. As a result, we usually increase web traffic significantly. More importantly, we generate relevant traffic, and that means more customers will see your business front and center.

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