DeNittis Osefchen had some very specific goals in mind for their website, as do most clients, but as we listened, we heard something loud and clear: the website needed to be found by people who didn’t necessarily know who they were looking for. This meant we really needed to dig in and find out who DeNittis Osefchen’s audience really was. The result of our analysis based on their previous site was that the content was written in a way that might be appreciated by other lawyers. That wasn’t their target audience, and therefore, they weren’t being found by the people that needed to find them.

The Big Win…

If there was one really, huge win on the redesign of DeNittis Osefchen, it was the increase in their traffic. If you think about using your website as a way to increase your visibility and potentially increase your volume of business, then DeNittis Osefchen as a case study is an absolute home run. Through an iterative content writing model (translation: we wrote the content over and over til we got it right) we were able to increase their organic web traffic by close to 400% per week. That’s going from under a 100 page views to over 400 per week, and that’s a significant increase in the number of eyeballs scanning their website. More importantly, the people that were finding their site were using search terms that were relevant to their business, and that means they were able to get in touch with more clients that were looking for their services.

DeNittis Osefchen represents a great case study for our SEO capabilities, and we are proud to have been a part of this highly successful collaboration! Check out the site while you’re here!

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