Type of Business: Florist

Location: West Chester, PA

Number of Employees: 10

Case Study: Matlack Florist

Matlack Florist has been serving their local community since 1978. They have a team of talented designers, an exceptional customer service staff, and courteous and prompt delivery drivers. They have an extensive website for fast and easy service, and offer same-day local delivery.

When you’re a florist, you need great visuals to illustrate what you’re capable of. Matlack Florist hired us to do staged photography of their product for weddings and other elegant events. They really went all out for this shoot, and borrowed a section of the ballroom at Downingtown Country Club to setup a variety of floral options so prospective clients could see how a fully-loaded ballroom looks adorned with their beautiful work. There were flowers everywhere! After they got everything just the way they wanted, they let us go to town doing photography of not only the flowers, but an outdoor flower trellis, candles, and other accents. It’s wonderful to do this type of photography in controlled conditions, as trying to do it an actual event is always fraught with challenges, the biggest of which is time. On this evening, we had the ballroom free and clear to get a variety of shots from a variety of different angles. It was a fantastic evening and we were thrilled with the photos! If you’re looking for a fantastic florist, look no further than Matlack Florist!

Vitals: Matlack Florist

Client: Matlack Florist
URL: https://matlackflorist.com/
Type of Business: Florist
Business Location: West Chester, PA
What we did: Photography
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