Type of Business: Photography

Location: Downingtown, PA

Number of Employees: 5

Case Study: Gino Guarnere Photography

Gino Guarnere Photography needed a standout website that was highly visual and performed well given the large number of images on our site. It was also a showpiece of what Websavvy is capable of from both a design and performance perspective. It uses custom fields for all the events and has a really fast-loading portfolio page. I'm thrilled with the way the website turned out and was glad that Websavvy is able to represent my personal work as well as my professional work!

Gino Guarnere

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I hired my own firm to create a website for my photography business. In the end, every site we create, whether it’s for one of our staff members or for somebody we’ve never met; it becomes a calling card for our capabilities. In digital media, your portfolio essentially says to potential clients, “Hey, this is what we can do for you.” In fact, we use our personal websites as the playground for what is possible, and Websavvy loves to show off its capabilities, because the fact is we think we provide an elevated product for your small business. The true test of that is our willingness to put our own personal websites in the hands of Websavvy to illustrate why we believe we’re the best in the small-business vertical. Could have I hired anyone other than our sister company? Hell no!

Gino Guarnere Photography needed a very visual, photo-heavy website that focuses on Wedding Photography. We had a pretty clear vision for the website, and scoured the internet for every photography site in the Philadelphia area to see what everyone else was up to. Mostly, the photography sites in the area look largely the same, using canned templates that are easy to setup and ended up looking all alike. My photography website is highly custom, with lots of dynamic content and custom templates, all hand-crafted in our studio. As well, the site ranks high on the page loads and is super fast.

Once again, we use our personal portfolios to illustrate our capabilities, because if we can’t trust ourselves with our personal websites, how could we expect you to do the same?

Vitals: Gino Guarnere Photography

Client: Gino Guarnere
URL: https://www.ginoguarnere.com
Type of Business: Photography
Business Location: Downingtown, PA
What we did: Web Design, Web Strategy, Social Strategy, Photography, SEO and Copy Writing, Audio and Video, Web Hosting
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