Type of Business: Entertainment

Location: Farley State Marina

Number of Employees: 4

Case Study: Completely Unchained

Completely Unchained is quite the Van Halen Tribute! On this particular evening, I started shooting the Sony Mirrorless format 2 days before and needed to test the camera in a real-world setting. Completely Unchained was a great test of the camera’s capabilities, and, hey, I happened to be there anyway, so it was an easy decision.

Stage and live entertainment photography generally causes most lay-photographers issues. The lighting is bright on the stage, but not anywhere else. The shutter speed of the camera needs to be at a certain speed so you don’t get blur (unless you’re going for that intentionally), and the audience is generally crashing into you while you’re taking pictures, unless you have some type of privileged access, which we didn’t.

The band noticed my presence fairly quickly, and started mugging for the camera after I was spotted with a camera rig that was clearly an upgrade from the 1400 Iphones that were being held up around me. This worked out well, because I was able to tee off and take tons of pictures of the band during their set after mosh-pitting my way to the front of the stage. The lighting at The Golden Nugget Deck Bar is pretty darn good at night, so, with the camera set up the right way, a good photographer can land some great shots.

This was a really fun night. I’ll be at Fakefest 2020, so get on over there and check out Completely Unchained. Look for me in the front row with the Sony camera in my hand!

Vitals: Completely Unchained

Client: Completely Unchained
URL: http://www.completelyunchainedrocks.com/
Type of Business: Entertainment
Business Location: Farley State Marina
What we did: Photography
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